CEM DT-3890_3890A_3890B Differential_Absolute Pressure Manometers

DT-3890A is an absolute pressure measuring instrument. It is normally used to measure absolute pressure, e.g. for pressure compensation in velocity measurement in ducts, laboratories and production processes. Further measurement parameters are barometric (surface) pressure (= pressure at sea level) and altitude above sea level.

DT-3890/3890B are Differental Pressure Manometers with large LCD display.



Large Dual LCD with backlight
Data Hold
Max / Min / Avg value with relative time stamp
USB interface
Zero Adjust, Offset and DIF function (3890/3890B)
Low battery indication and Auto Power Off


Size(HxWxD): 184mm x 60mm x 30mm

Weight: 280g


Accuracy ±0.3%FSO ±2hpa ±0.3%FSO
Repeatability ±0.2% (Max.+/ -0.5% FSO) ±0.2% (Max.+/ -0.5% FSO)
Linearity/Hysteresis ±0.29% FSO ±0.29% FSO
Pressure Range ±2PSI(±55.40inH2O) 300~1200hpa ±5PSI(±138.3inH2O)
Units and Resolution inH2O 0.01 psi 0.001 inH2O 0.01
PSI 0.001 hPa 0.1 PSI 0.001
mbar 0.1 Pa 1 mbar 0.1
kPa 0.01 mbar 0.1 kPa 0.01
inHg 0.001 mmHg 0.1 inHg 0.001
mmHg 0.1 inHg 0.001 mmHg 0.1
ozin2 0.01 mmH2O 1 ozin2 0.01
ftH2O 0.001 inH2O 0.01 ftH2O 0.01
cmH2O 0.1 cmH2O 0.1
kgcm2 0.001 kgcm2 0.001
bar 0.001 bar 0.001





3xAAA batteries, USB cable, gift box with carrying case.