CEM DT-856/856A Light Meter with PC Interface

DT-856 light meter provides accurate display light level in terms of Foot Candles FC or LUX over wide range. Just turning the Function Switch to select the “lux” scale and setting the range to desired range, then removing the photo detector to light source in a horizontal position and reading the illuminance norminal from the LCD display. When the measurement is completed, replace the photo detector from the light source.

DT-856A LED light meter, measures light from visible luminaries equipped with white light LED, fluorescent, meatal halide, high-pressure sodium and incandescent sources.



4000 Counts LCD dual display with timer function
Auto Ranging
Max./Min. and Data Hold
Auto Power Off
Low battery indication
User selectable FC/Lux
Capacity for data logging (99 readings)
Total accuracy: for C.I.E standard illuminate A (2856K)


Measuring range 400,000Lux 40, 400, 4000, 40000, 400000Lux

40, 400, 4,000, 40,000, FC

Accuracy ±5%±10d (<10,000Lux) ±10%±10d (>10,000Lux) ±3% (Calibrated to standard incandescent lamp 2856 o K and corrected LED day while-light spectrum). +/-6% other visible light source.
Max Resolution 0.1Lux/0.01Fc 0.01Lux/0.01Fc
Light Source Selecting Tungsten/Daylight, Fluorescent, 0~9 select rating
USB interface *



9V battery, Photo Detector and USB cable, software, Carrying case and Gift box.

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