CEM DT-857 Professional Multifunction Environment Meter


Professional Multifunction Environment Meters
The digital Multifunction Environment Meter has been designed to combine the functions of Sound Level Meter, Light Meter, Humidity Meter, Type K Thermometer, Anemometer. It is an ideal Multifunction Environment Meter with scores of practical applications for professional and home use. The Sound Level function can be used to measure noise in factories, schools, offices, home, etc, checking acoustics of studios, auditoriums and hi-fi installations. The Light function is used to measure illuminance in the field. It is fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. The light sensitive component used in the meter is a very stable, long life silicon ciode. The Humidity/Temperature use a humidity semiconductor sensor and type K thermocouple.


5 in 1 for dB, %RH, Light, Anemo, Type K and Temperature (ºC/ºF).
Large dot-matrix LCD with backlight.
Relative time clock on MAX MIN and AVG provides a time reference for major events.
Difference functions simultaneous display.
USB interface.
5,000 records data logger per channel.
Low battery indication, and Auto Power Off mode (Sleep mode) increases battery life.


Size (H x W x D): 248mm x 65mm x 45mm

Weight: 365g


Function Range Resolution Accuracy
TYPE K Temp -50°C to 1372°C

(-58°F to 2501°F)

0.1°C/°F/ K
1°C/°F/K ≥1000
Above -100°C (-148°F)
Blow -100°C (-148°F)
Air Temp -30°C~100°C
0.1 ±0.5°C/0.9°F
Humidity 0~100%RH 0.01 ±3.5%RH
Sound Level 30dB~130dB 0.1dB ±1.5dB
Light 20,200,2000,20000, 200000Lux 0.01,0.1,1 ±5% ±10d
Anemo 0.40-30.00 m/s 0.01 ±3% ±0.20 m/s
80-5900 ft/min 1 ±3% ±40 ft/min
1.4-108.0 km/h 0.1 ±3% ±0.8 km/h
0.9-67.0 MPH 0.1 ±3% ±0.4 MPH
0.8-58.0 Knots 0.1 ±3% ±0.4 knots
Air Flow 0-999,900ft 3 /min 0.001 to 100 0.000-999.9ft
0-999,900m 3 /min 0.001 to 100 0.000-999.9m





9V battery, K-type temperature probe, %RH probe, dB probe, Anemo probe, photo detector and gift box with carrying case.