CEM DT-96 Mini Particle Counter

DT-96 Particle Counter with 2.0” color TFT LCD display provides fast, easy and accurate readings for particle counter & particle mass concentration with air temperature & relative humidity measurements. It is the first combination of these measurements in global, would be the best instrument for environment protection and energy save. The dew point temperature measurement will be very visible for wet and dry proof.


2.0’’ TFT 220*176 pixels Color LCD display
The determination of suspend particle concentration in the air of the  weight method (PM2.5/PM10)
Particle Counter PM2.5/PM10
Air temperature and humidity
Auto Power Off
Real time clock display
Bluetooth interface
Analog bar indicator


Particle Counter
Channel 2.5,10um
Mass Concentration PM2.5:0~500ug/m3;PM10:0~500ug/m3
Resolution 1ug/m3
Air Temperature Measure
Air Temp Range 0 to 50℃/32 to 122℉
Basic Accuracy ±1℃/2℉
Humidity Range 0 to 100%RH
Basic Accuracy ±5%RH @0 to 20%RH and 80 to 100%RH      ±3.5%RH @20 to 80%RH


Mini Particle Counter Applications

Mini Particle Counter Applications


9V battery, Clamshell, 3.7V Li-battery